Haltman Material Culture reading

In the Haltman reading, it discussed something called the “Prownian Analysis”. This concept was very neat. It was like a breakdown of how to observe an object deeper. To find out its “material culture”. A quote that stuck out to me was “We have to seek its cultural significance”. I feel thinking about an object on a much deeper level and not only describing it in writing will make writing ten times better. It sounds difficult but it makes a lot of sense. If a person can give more than a description and actually connect to the object on an intense and intellectual level it adds more depth to the work done. “It is important to pay attention to all aspects, be attentive for detail but keep an eye on the big picture” was another quote that stuck out to me. Writing is about painting a picture for the readers. It needs to be more than just descriptive work. You have to dig deep and find the significance of its material culture. That adds that extra that a person needs when reading about an object. It allows for a person to picture the object in their mind and where the object came from and what time period the object came out of. Paying close attention when observing is key. The prown method is now the perfect analytic tool for “student learning”. More students should definitely learn about this method because it will take them a long way. This reading really made me think. It really informed me on a lot. I am super excited to apply these methods to my future endeavors. https://hyp.is/QI-jrAJdEeiDRneiQZO5eg/hypothes.is/users/dniyahhbook