Sample Bibliography Entry

Williams, Gabrielle. “Primary Source Description Two” Post Script Reverie, 2017.

Gabrielle details the entire panel in her post by going through and observing and describing the panel that she had chosen from top to bottom by asserting thick description of what she had seen. Williams engages in a detailed analysis of her panel by doing this process and backs it up with multimodal aspects, for example pictures of each and every part of the panel she is describing. She also researched further and found out that the quote on there actually referred to a song and she incorporated that song into her  post. One audience for her assignment are individuals who have no idea what the the NAMES project is. Another audience could also be a person looking into making a panel for one of their loved ones. It can inspire others in many ways, even if it is just a person coming up with ideas for a panel or to help someone, like me, to understand thick description.

This inspires me to go deeper than deeper. I never even thought about describing the face in the picture on my panel. Describing the block of the quilt as a whole is also another thing. It can help to make readers more aware of what is going on as they read. Also doing so, spreads awareness.

PSD activity 2


The background of the art is dark. There is a girl with a thin neck that fills the entire right side of the art. She is slightly turned as if she is looking back over her shoulder. She has on red lipstick. Her eyes are dark. The darkness illuminates her and makes her shine bright. There is a blue scarf wrapped around her head and then a yellowish one that flows as if it is hair. Her clothing is a rugged orange brown color. There is a pearl earring in the ear that is shown.  The upper part of her body is shown, from a little bit below the shoulder up.



This is a piece of art called The Girl With the Pearl Earring. Honestly, I feel the earring is not shown off enough for that to be the name of this particular artwork. Her face is so bright that it makes the earring barely noticeable. That makes me wonder why that name for this art? Who inspired this name for the art? Who was the muse for the art? This makes me want to research further into this artwork. Vermeer did a great job with creating what seems like such a simple piece, but actually it is a mysterious piece that keeps the mind wondering.