Drew Mckenzie


This object was clear and square shaped. It was 3D . The thin side had a rugged side. This object opens up and can store a circular item. The outside of the object has a picture on it. The picture is one of an African American man. In the picture he is depicted with a black hat on the very front of the object. His eyes are closed, he has a beard, and he is facing sideways. On the back is the same exact man but he is wearing a white hat. The background is a light colored greenish and blue mixture on the front. And the background on the back is a darker mixture looking shade of greenish/blue. There is a list of words on the back with numbers in chronological order  next to them on the left side. There is another list of numbers on the right side. These numbers are not in chronological order. They tell how long the material inside the object will play. The purpose of the object is recognizable. When asked what the object meant to Drew, he stated that he enjoys jazz music and he is also a jazz player. When asked where he retrieved the item from he said that he bought it off of Amazon. The very last question I asked what emotions does this object make him feel like when it is in his presence and he said happiness and passion and he begins to feel the urge to play his instrument.

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