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The NAMES project is a quilt created to memorialize those who have lost their lives due to Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS).  The AIDS Quilt, with its blocks and panels memorializing those lost to the disease, offers a glimpse of the diverse communities and individuals affected by this terrible disease. It is not as known about as it should be. The panel I chose was Randy Barnett from block 5505. His panel consisted of many different objects that define who he was as a person. I could not find as much on my panel as I wish, so the main question I had was what more can I learn about the entire NAMES project to connect with my panel more.


The NAMES project foundation national headquarters is here located in Atlanta. This place is extremely important to my entire project as a whole. This is the place where I actually got to touch my panel. This is where I was able to look at and observe my panel. This is the  place where I sat for a few hours analyzing my panel and what was seen. This place is very important. I feel it was the most important due to the fact that I was allowed to actually unfold and see and connect with my panel in person. Anybody interested in making a quilt or looking into a quilt would be an audience.

This is where most of my brainstorming happened. Being able to unfold my block and look at it up close was super fascinating. Taking pictures and observing was really fun. So many questions went through my mind as I observed and thanks to a letter sent in with my panel, some of those questions were answered.

Jones, Cleve. “How One Man’s Idea for the AIDS Quilt Made the Country Pay Attention.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 9 Oct. 2016,

Jones discusses the history of the AIDS quilt from the very beginning. He mentions how the quilt has grown and who started the project, and also a mentions that the article is being adapted from Jones’s book “When We Rise: My Life in the Movement”. He discusses how the quilt made him feel and how powerful it was and is to him. It related to me on a personal level as well because I also was moved by how powerful the entire NAMES project is. An audience for this article would be someone who is looking into the the history of the quilt or some individual who is interested in knowing the purpose behind this project. Someone who is trying to make this project known could definitely use this as a tool for gathering more information.

This article is very useful. It was that extra that I needed to go on with the project. It gave me a new point of view of the information being told. It mentioned the history of the quilt and also new information that hadn’t been mentioned in other resources.


Julie Greenfield. “Letter for Randy Barnett.” Courtesy of the NAMES project.

In Randy’s cousins letter, she gives specifics about Randy’s life. She confirmed the thoughts I had about the things I was seeing on the panel. One example would be the explanation and details of the picture that was on the panel that she included. This source was extremely important and is where majority of my information about Randy came from. The intended audience is someone who is looking for confirmation about what is being depicted on this particular panel. This would benefit a person like me who is looking deeper into finding out more about the panel and even the entire NAMES project.

This letter contained so much information. It really helped confirm the thoughts I had as I observed the panel. For example the picture that had “Michael and Randy” under it, I had no idea who Michael was. I first assumed he was Randy’s brother cousin maybe but in the letter it was said that they were partners.

Lateef, Yasir. “The NAMES Project Foundation.” The Names Project,

The NAMES project itself played a big part in helping to help with the investigation as a whole. It explained the goals that they wanted to reach and the purpose behind the quilt. The purpose of this source is to give a look into the entire thing. This information is for people who are looking into the NAMES project to know more about it or for anyone who is interested in making a panel for a loved one. I benefitted heavily from this source because in order to make a project over a small piece of something, you have to actually know what the entirety of it.

The NAMES project was full of information. It regarded the entire project as a whole. It gave me all necessary information that was needed to know exactly where I was going with this project. It made me question and think of new ways to incorporate information about this project.

“Resources For.” Health – The Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt,

This article discusses the NAMES project at the world bank. They talk about its purpose which is to honor and memorialize the four who lost their lives in 2004 and the one who died in 2005. This article shows how popular the NAMES project can be. Anyone looking into the project for research purposes can find this information very useful.

This article made me think even broader. The NAMES project stretches out really far. It makes me wonder how I had never heard of it. This research gave me more knowledge and more depth and confirmed my actions in the project. I know where I want to go with my panel.


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