Unit 3 Preliminary Outline

Class Example .. Although the media has portrayed the disco as an hedonistic community only focused on sex and substance abuse, I contend that it offered a space of communication and safety for subcultures. Although X is true Y is not true.

A Man’s Life Described by His Panel; Mark Murphy Bearrentine;

The NAMES project  is not very well known of, and at first glance, portrayed as just a quilt with the names of people who have died from HIV/AIDS. Although this statement is true that it does have the names of people who lost their lives, there is so much more to it than just that. It is about remembering those who lost their lives and also bringing awareness to the disease so important people who can possibly make a change can see that.


The NAMES project is a quilt created to memorialize those who have lost their lives due to Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS).  The AIDS Quilt, with its blocks and panels memorializing those lost to the disease, offers a glimpse of the diverse communities and individuals affected by this terrible disease. It is not as known about as it should be. It consists of thousands upon thousand of blocks which contain 8 separate panels and stretches for miles. The quilt continues to grow day by day. My goal for my project was to describe my chosen panel in the best and most accurate way possible while also informing those who are unbeknownst and ignorant to the NAMES project as a whole.


History of the NAMES project;

NAMES project as a whole;

Mark Murphy Bearrentine;



The NAMES project continues to grow day by day. Thousands of panels have been made into blocks since it was first created. The fact that I was able to get to do interact with actual pieces of the quilt was super exciting. This project had multiple levels and it was so full of many different ways that you could go about the project as a whole.