AIDS in The Arts; The Giver of Dreams


Original thoughts on “Giver of Dreams”

As I observed the panel of Mark Murphy Bearrentine, I realized there was a lot to see. I noticed the words “giver of dreams” but only for a brief moment. I continued on collecting pictures and thinking of possible ways to analyze the information. When analyzing the words, I originally thought that the quote may have just meant that Mark Murphy Bearrentine was a person who would help others reach their goals and dreams. Upon further research, I realized there was much more to the quote.

What does “Giver of Dreams” mean?

As we know, Mark Murphy Bearrentine was a fan of music and theater. On the panel, there were the words “Giver of Dreams”. Upon further research, I concluded that the words meant more than I originally thought. What is the Giver of Dreams?  The Giver of Dreams is actually a Fusion Rock Opera by Fool Ascent.  It was written by Jean-Jacques L’Héritier.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of the Giver of Dreams is really interesting. It is an original fusion rock opera that is meant to explore into the depths of life, darkness, love and hope in an unlikely love story between two living beings from different worlds and dimensions. The moral of the story is that they are taken on a journey that goes way beyond our world yet it still captures our humanity. There are heartfelt lyrics that fuses with rock guitars and creative drums. This sounds extremely fascinating, I am not surprised Mark Murphy Bearrentine was a fan. It included a mixture of the things he loved. There were a few selections of songs to choose from but here is one I particularly liked. The music is so nice and relaxing but also has edge to it.


Randy Barnett