Mark Murphy Bearrentine panel Primary source Description

The History of the Names Project

The NAMES project is a quilt created to memorialize those who have lost their lives due to Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS).  The AIDS Quilt, with its blocks and panels memorializing those lost to the disease, offers a glimpse of the diverse communities and individuals affected by this terrible disease. It is not as known about as it should be. It consists of thousands upon thousand of blocks which contain 8 separate panels and stretches for miles. The quilt continues to grow day by day.

Mark Murphy Bearrentine

This is my entire panel of Mark Murphy Bearrentine. It is a panel full of decor that uniquely describes how Mark was as a person and what he was liked and/ or liked to do. The panel has a deep dark purple border that goes around it. It has Mark Murphy Bearrentine in big black letters centered across the top. It has a light lavender purple shaded background.


There is a yellow music note below the red heart in the bottom left corner. This makes me wonder if the color yellow was a favorite color of his. Two things he loved, the color yellow and music.





There is a red heart in the top right corner with the words “Love sis” in the center. The letters of the words are yellow and there seems to be a name on the bottom right side of the heart. I struggled to see the name but I believe it says “Jay” or maybe “Joy”. This finding makes me wonder if Bearrentine’s sister made this panel to commemorate him.





There is a car located on the panel. It is on the left side and it happens to be a deep purple. It is located next to the heart red heart that says “love sis”. It says the word “juke” on the very back tire and “box” on the front tire.






There is the letter “L”next to the yellow music note in the bottom left hand corner. It is a light blue and has words in gold in the center of it. I believe the words say “George and Wendy loves you”.




In the  center of the panel is a black heart with a yellow lining or border around it. It has the date he, Mark Murphy Bearrentine, was born and the date he passed. Below this heart are figures. One of a man in a top hat and carrying a stick. One of a couple of people hugging each other. Lastly one of a dog. below the figures is the caption “In our Hearts” across the very bottom of the quilt.


Next to the heart in the center is a camera and stand. The camera and stand is black. There is also a white chefs hat. The hat has the words “chef” on it. There is also a butterfly. I feel these particular items are what he loved.





There is a light blue rocking horse located in the bottom right corner. It is very detailed. The tail seems to have hints of gold. The holding strap is red. The hooves of the horse seems to be a darker shade of blue. The horse seems to be positioned in motion as if it is running to the right of the panel at full speed.. The words “giver of dreams” is placed across the bottom. Upon further research, I found out that “The Giver of Dreams” is a fusion Rock opera by Fool Ascent.


“The Giver Of Dreams.” T h e    G i v e r    O f    D r e a m s,



There is a peace sign on the right hand side of the panel. It is initially a yellow gold color. It has a black circle background that helps the peace sign pop. There is also a green mask. The features are outlined in white and the mouth happens to be a black hole almost. Next to the mask there is what appears to look like a music paper with the notes and all.




There is definitely evidence that Mark Murphy Bearrentine had a love for the arts. It is super fascinating how his story can be told by his panel.