Archival research

Archival Research can be super fascinating. Some of the work relates on personal levels and sometimes just on circumstances being the same. Archival research is great because it can have a ton of information that flows and connects with each other in some form, shape or fashion. When doing this research, it is important to ask questions to fully understand what can be seen because sometimes it can be confusing. That is where metadata comes in handy if the archive research is happening online or you are looking at a document. Metadata can provide all types of important information that can really be beneficial to helping a person analyze what is being seen whether its photographs, documents, or a video.

Andrew P Wood

For example, Andrew P Wood. He was a graphic designer and gay activist born in Atlanta Georgia. Andrew moved to San Francisco to attend art school and that is where he found and joined the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. This was a group of gay activists and they would dress up as nuns and performed for charity. Andrew Wood would dress as a nun named Sister Fulsom Delights as pictured above.

The Mugshot

The image is a picture of Andrew Woods mugshot. Some questions that can be asked about this picture is “what is this?” which is obviously noticeable. It is a mugshot. Another question that can be answered by using this is “who is he? also “where did this happen?” which in this case the answers would be Andrew Wood and Atlanta Georgia. Below is a court summons where more questions can be answered thanks to archival research.



Court Summons

Another example would be this court summons. Some questions that can be asked about this is who is being summoned to court, why are they being summoned to court, when are they being summoned and where are they being summoned. Thanks to meta data and being able to do archival research, we know these answers. Andrew Wood was arrested for protesting. He was summoned in January on the ninth in Atlanta Georgia. The form has all the necessary information. It also has identifiers such as the court code and a number in the top right hand corner. Metadata is very important and really helps a lot with research, especially archival research. Everything has a connection in archival research because of the particular metadata.