PSD 1: First Contact

Panel: Randy Barnett

Block Number: 5505


Description and Response

The particular panel I chose has a blue background, with a hint of a faded blurred white in the center and little spots throughout. It is made of a simple cloth. There is not a border around this panel. The panel has Randy’s name across the top in yellow. Over the letter “R” is his name is a shooting star in the top left corner. Below his name is a big and slightly diagonal music note, a sixteenth note to be exact. The words “a life of music, books, and laughter” goes across the center of the panel. There appears to be a picture of Randy playing a piano above the piano on the right side of the panel. There is a picture of “Michael and Randy” in the bottom left corner of the panel. Around each picture in the panel is a gold border or frame. There was a letter that came with this panel.


Randys name across the top contrasts well with the blue background, and makes me wonder if ┬áhis name is yellow to represent the sun in the blue sky? Is the blue background his sky? The simple cloth helps the different parts of the panel shine more. Is the shooting star a representation of what is thought of Randy. I wonder why the gold border around the pictures is the color that was chosen. I could tell Randy was a musician before reading the letter that was sent in with the panel. The piano and music note gave it away. Also before reading the letter, I was not aware of who Michael was. Michael happened to be the love of Randy’s life. He was Randy’s music teacher and they hit it off. Michael was there for Randy through everything. The “NY” in the bottom right corner made me assume he was from New York, which I was correct about. I am still unsure about the significance of the quote in the middle of the panel. I’m not sure if it is there for more decor or was it an important quote that Randy liked or something of that nature. Either way the quote flows lovely with the panel.


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