Silence= Death Extra Credit Post

The triangle

“Silence= Death” shirt with a pink triangle and this phrase. There are many things one may think about when seeing this but what exactly does this mean? Researching into the name I found out that it was originally a symbol where homosexuals in the Nazi concentration camps were forced to wear inverted pink triangle badges as identifiers. This kind of relates to how jews had to wear the yellow star of David as an identifier. If a person happened to be wearing this pink triangle they were seen as the bottom and were treated so terribly and cruelly. They transformed the degrading symbol into one of power. One of gay pride and liberation.

“Silence= Death”

Six gay activists in New York coined this phrase. They put posters around the city that had the image of the pink triangle with a black background with the phrase. It drew connections between the AIDS crisis and the Nazi period “declaring that silence about the oppression and annihilation of gay people, then and now, must be broken for our survival”. Since this phrase came about it has appeared in a huge variety of events.

Connection to the NAMES project

As I think about how I can connect this to the NAMES project, the first thing that pops out is the symbol. The symbol is one that is to represent gay pride and liberation. The quilt does the same thing. It is a symbol of pride and liberation and it memorializes those who have lost their lives due to the terrible HIV/AIDS virus. Another thing of course is the fact that each symbol relates back to homosexuals and the AIDS virus. My particular panel I chose relates on a personal level. My person from my panel was actually from New York where the six activists formed this phrase. These connections can be considered explicit and subtle.